Helping Businesses Save Money
Moving Payroll Cross-Border

Our Company Helps Thousands of People Get Paid

Founded in 2013, Salarium is one of the leading Fintech Companies in the Philippines with over 60 employees, and is expanding into South East Asia.





US $10M

monthly payroll volume


number of micro-loans

Businesses lose Money on Cross Border Payroll

Every year Multi-national and Outsourcing Companies remit $250 Billion USD in the region to pay employees.

They lose 2-2.5% and 3~5 days sending this money cross border with fees and forex.

SALPay will move it in minutes for 1% or less

Meet the cryptocurrency that will help both businesses and individuals send money in South East Asia without the usual costs and hassles.

salpay mastecard

Check your funds, make transactions, and get financial help anytime and anywhere. SALPay is a MasterCard paired with an e-wallet/mobile app that lets you make the most of your money and time.

Save time

Keep track of your earnings, ATM withdrawals, fund transfers, and purchases.

Cut remittance costs

Save up to 80% of your transaction and forex fees with SALPay Tokens.

Show and withdraw money

Withdraw from more than 11,000 ATMs in the Philippines and shop in stores with your SALPay MasterCard.

Manage funds with an e-wallet

Pay bills, transfer money, apply for loans and view transaction history through the SALPay mobile app.

Ensure protection

Salarium's Smart Contract will ensure that work will be done and that payments will be sent.





US $10M

monthly payroll volume


micro loans accepted

Business Process Outsourcing

The Philippines is the Call Center and South East Asia is the Outsourcing Capital of the world. Up to 80% of the current banking and forex exchange costs.

Offshore Employers and Freelancers

SALPay Tokens and Smart contracts will ensure that money always goes into the right hands cheaply and more securely.

Workers Overseas

More than $100 Billion are remitted in the region every year by Migrant Workers. SALPay Tokens can help those remittances be cheaper, faster, safer, and straight into a MasterCard.


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How SALPay Tokens Work

SALPay Tokens Help Reduce
Remittance Time and Cost

SALPay Tokens will be used by our current and future clients to remit funds into the SALPay ecosystem from outside the Philippines. SALPay will establish or work with other exchanges in our clients' home countries, allowing everyone to provide fiat currency (USD, EUR, AUD, SGD, JPY) from their location and to simultaneously execute a buy-and-sell between exchanges. The funds will be automatically be available in SALPay in local currency with a minimal charge and nearly no forex loss.

With SALPay Tokens, we aim to give everyone a better and more seamless fiat-to-fiat remittance experience.

Download our whitepaper for the roadmap and more information on the benefits to token holders and ICO participants.

Download Whitepaper
salpay tokens cycle

Token Sale

0.1 ETH

Minimum Contribution

1 SAL = $0.40


100 M

Total Token Supply





Pre-sale Date

November 22 - 26, 2017

ICO Date

November 27 - December 31, 2017


ETH, BTC, Bankwire*

*Account in Singapore, accepting USD


Judah Z Hirsch

Founder & CEO

Russell Shepherd


Eduardo Gutiérrez

Communications Director

Noel Nuguid

Head of Dev Ops

Jayson Antig

Blockchain Engineer

Paul Bautista

Principal Engineer

Jorrel Ang

Principal Engineer

Fadzly Yusof

Project Director

Salarium Investors

John Orrock

Founder and CEO of Barhead
Ex-founder of Cloud Sherpas
(acquired by Accenture in 2014)
Managing Partner of FutureNow Ventures